JCFPD CERT is the ONLY official CERT program in Julian/Cuyamaca

Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District CERT program (JCFPD CERT) is the ONLY OFFICIALLY recognized CERT program in the Julian/Cuyamaca area.

We are acknowledged as the official CERT program by the San Diego County CERT Council and OES, a Citizen Corps Councils and Citizen Corps partner program.

No other CERT program in this area (Julian/Cuyamaca) is officially sanctioned to operate in this jurisdiction without permission. Other programs may run but they are not covered under Disaster Service Workers insurance, no matter what you may hear, (Disasterworkers guide to DSW) which covers you when you are deployed and working in as a CERT member. This works like Workman’s  Comp. Covering your medical needs and lost wages.

Official Program of Citizen Corps Official Program of San Diego CERT Council




DISASTER PSYCHOLOGY, Sept. 24th at the Julian Library

Disaster Psychology EMAILYour family survived the “Big One”….the earthquake everyone knew would be coming one day, yet hoping it wasn’t really going to be that big.  Unfortunately, your house and your neighbors were not so lucky…

How do you handle the emotional aftermath of a disaster?  Dr. Pat Landis will be speaking at JCFPD CERT’s next Community Outreach Class on Thursday evening, September 24th, at the Julian Library Community Room from 6-8 pm. The public is invited.

“Disaster” includes a range of events from home and wildfires, earthquake, flooding, and personal disasters such as stroke, heart attack and traumatic injury.

Residents can prepare for property disaster by creating defensible space around their homes and developing personalized evacuation plans. They can take measures to stay healthy and be safe. Still, most people are NOT psychologically prepared for significant loss of property or a life-threatening occurrence.

Dr. Landis is a clinical psychologist with experience treating post-traumatic stress. She will explain psychological concepts and provide practical information to reduce the possibility of debilitating post-disaster symptoms.


Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Training EMAILA fire has just broken out on your stove. What would you do? Do you have a fire extinguisher nearby? Is it the right kind? Have you ever used one before? Your success in averting home fires is directly related to how well prepared you are. Join JCFPD Battalion Chief Mike Van Bibber at the JCFPD Fire Station on Thursday evening, July 23rd, 6-8 pm. With 31 years of fire fighting experience, BC Van Bibber will answer any of your fire safety questions, including how to shelter-in-place in the event that a wildfire unexpectedly prevents you from evacuating safely. He will demonstrate the proper use of fire extinguishers, as well as hands-on training for participants. Proper attire is essential – long pants, long-sleeved shirt and closed toe shoes. Be smart. Be prepared.

“Survivable/ Defensible space” class

The Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District and the JCFPD CERT is giving theSURVIVABLE SPACE Emailir next prep class “Survivable/ Defensible space” on Thursday April 23rd at 6 PM in the Julian Library community room. Now is the time to prepare, with Red Flag Warnings again this week, We all need to prepare for what could be a long fire season. You will learn best practices and what it takes to make your home and neighborhood “A Survivable Space”.


JCFPD CERT Announces- Disaster Preparedness Class Schedule

Are You Ready?Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District (JCFPD) CERT is offering Disaster Preparedness classes on the fourth Thursday of each month, beginning March 26, 2015, which will be held in the Community Room at the Julian Library from 6-8pm.  The following schedule outlines the topics to be presented each month.

  • Thursday, March 26 – Disaster Preparedness
  • Thursday, April 23 – Defensible Space
  • Thursday, May 28 – Basic Medical Training
  • Thursday, June 25 – Basic Medical Training continued
  • Thursday, July 23 – Fire Extinguisher Usage
  • Thursday, August 27 – Search and Rescue
  • Thursday, September 24 – Disaster Psychology
  • Thursday, October 22 – American Red Cross Partnership
  • November – TBD

The goal of JCFPD CERT is to educate and inform as many members of our community as possible, so that in the event of a major disaster, individuals, families, and neighbors can be self-reliant and prepared to help themselves and others, if needed. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, contact certjcfpd@gmail.com or sign up for the classes on our sign-up page.


Red Cross DAT Training 010JCFPD CERT and RED CROSS have partnered to develop a Disaster Action Team (DAT) to serve San Diego County back country. Disaster Action Team volunteers are the heart of American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. DAT members respond immediately to a disaster when called by emergency dispatch. The eight volunteers in the photo were trained on March 5th how to assess the scope of the damage, meet with the affected family or families to determine their immediate disaster-related needs, and ensure that those needs are met. Depending upon individual requirements, the Red Cross can provide assistance in the form of secure shelter, food, clothing, medical needs and mental health counseling.

Over the past five years Red Cross has trained over 50 local residents from Julian, Shelter Valley and Warner Springs as Shelter Workers and at least half are still active Red Cross volunteers. What this means is:

  • If there is an incident that damages or destroys a single home (fire, quake, or other natural disaster), a Disaster Action Team will arrive within 3 hours to assist the residents with temporary shelter, food, clothing and money.
  • If a disaster requires evacuations, Red Cross will establish a Temporary Evacuation Point and provide a Canteen with water and snacks.
  • When necessary to assist a large number of residents evacuated or displaced from their homes for a day or more, Red Cross will set up a Shelter where food, health and mental health services, and basic needs will be met.
  • When support is requested by law enforcement or fire services, Red Cross will provide a Canteen and food for first responders and volunteers. This occurred at a recent search and rescue attempt north of Warner Springs.
  • When communications are affected by a disaster, Red Cross will provide communications that may even include satellite operations.

In all of these situations, local residents who have become trained Red Cross volunteers will be boots on the ground to assist the Red Cross quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, contact: www.redcross.org/ca/san-diego/volunteer

Red Cross DAT Training 016