DISASTER PSYCHOLOGY, Sept. 24th at the Julian Library

Disaster Psychology EMAILYour family survived the “Big One”….the earthquake everyone knew would be coming one day, yet hoping it wasn’t really going to be that big.  Unfortunately, your house and your neighbors were not so lucky…

How do you handle the emotional aftermath of a disaster?  Dr. Pat Landis will be speaking at JCFPD CERT’s next Community Outreach Class on Thursday evening, September 24th, at the Julian Library Community Room from 6-8 pm. The public is invited.

“Disaster” includes a range of events from home and wildfires, earthquake, flooding, and personal disasters such as stroke, heart attack and traumatic injury.

Residents can prepare for property disaster by creating defensible space around their homes and developing personalized evacuation plans. They can take measures to stay healthy and be safe. Still, most people are NOT psychologically prepared for significant loss of property or a life-threatening occurrence.

Dr. Landis is a clinical psychologist with experience treating post-traumatic stress. She will explain psychological concepts and provide practical information to reduce the possibility of debilitating post-disaster symptoms.


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